About Ananth

Designed with intention to help dissolve limitations.

Whole Plant Infusions

At Ananth Infusions, our products are created with time and care. Every one of our batches is guaranteed to be well aged like a fine wine for a minimum of 2 months. We use whole herbs, premium oils, the finest butters and a variety of extraction methods to ensure every compound works synergistically to create a balanced product.

Our Promise

We promise to use only naturally derived & plant based ingredients keeping our products free of parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, formaldehyde, and other synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers. All essential oils and herbs are therapeutic grade and organic when available.  Every batch of product is third party lab tested to guarantee that you get the potency of active ingredients stated on the label.

Our Story

Ananth Infusions was born in the mountains of La Plata County in Durango, CO. After years of dealing with chronic back pain, allergies and all the things that make us human we have journeyed down a path of research for things that make a difference in our lives. The more we talked and interacted with our community, the more we realized we needed to take action to create the quality of products we wanted to use and see out in the world. After nearly a decade of experimentation and implementation throughout our daily lives as active Coloradans, we are ready to share the products we have discovered and created with the world! We hope you love our products and they help you get through the day with a smile on your face.

Our Mission

To create and provide the highest quality and most effective all-natural products that support an active, healthy lifestyle.



I have been spreading the word to my friends and family about this salve. I put a dab of the Restorative Balm on my tennis elbow and the ache went away in 5 minutes, and the pain did not come back.  I’ve never experienced anything that fast acting.

- Laurel Lamont


After a long bike ride, a friend had sore knees. She had some CBD cream from the grocery and we compared her cream on one knee and Restorative Body Balm on the other. The knee with Ananth’s cream was relieved! Another gal had hives, again we tried the cream and she said it was the 1st relief she had in 2 weeks.  

- Anonymous


The restorative body balm is an experience in a jar. The smell and consistency is on point. It’s obvious these ingredients are high quality with healing properties.

- Dr. John Hughes, DO

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