Designed with intention to help dissolve limitations.

What is Ananth?


Ananth is a Sanskrit name, the masculine form of Ananta.  Ananta means Infinite or unending expansion.

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Ananth Wellness Infusions creates products to honor the unending expansion of your health, with a goal to help you achieve a wellness that knows no limits.

Designed with Intention

After nearly a decade of experimentation and implementation throughout our daily lives as active Coloradans, we are ready to share the products we have discovered and created with the world! We hope you love our products and they help you get through the day with a smile on your face.

Created for All

Everyone from outdoor enthusiasts, yogis, construction workers, and accountants have discovered hundreds of uses for our multi-purpose body balms. Our topicals work great after a long day skiing or before stretching and physical therapy. Feel the difference in your recovery time by taking shilajit in the morning, and using our topicals multiple times a day.  Use massage tools, acupressure mats, infrared saunas and heat mats to maximize the benefit of our products and expand your self care routine. You deserve it!

Happy Results


The restorative body balm is an experience in a jar. The smell and consistency is on point. It’s obvious these ingredients are high quality with healing properties.

- Dr. John Hughes, DO

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